Bald Eagle Front Slingshot Rest (Cast Iron)
Bald Eagle Front Slingshot Rest (Cast Iron)
Bald Eagle Front Slingshot Rest (Cast Iron)
Bald Eagle Front Slingshot Rest (Cast Iron)
Bald Eagle Front Slingshot Rest (Cast Iron)
Bald Eagle Front Slingshot Rest (Cast Iron)
Bald Eagle Front Slingshot Rest (Cast Iron)

Bald Eagle Front Slingshot Rest (Cast Iron)

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Singshot Rest (Cast Iron)

This unique shooting rest can be used on the bench or on the ground for prone shooting. Originally designed by a Benchrest shooter and refined by a member of the U.S. F-Class Open Rifle Team, this rest has been thoroughly tested and proven to be reliable and capable of quick adjustments during string shooting. There are three different models available with the only difference between them being the base. The Slingshot model has an elongated front leg to keep the rest very stable as well as keep the Windage adjustment knob within easy reach. All Bald Eagle rests are available with the unique Windage System that allows you to adjust for the changing wind conditions without moving the rear bag.

When shooting F-Class prone off the ground, one can encounter gravel, dirt, grass, uneven, soggy or spongy soil conditions. Utilizing the optional 4" long F-Class adjustment screws and the 3" diameter F-Class feet most varying ground conditions can be overcome.

Bags sold separately. Also, minor modifications are required for left-hand shooters (see Tech Bulletin at the back of Owner's Manual for details).

Specifications for Bald Eagle Rests:

  • Cradle depth: 2"
  • Cradle opening width: 3-1/4"–4-3/4"
  • Minimum bench-to cradle base height: 5-1/4"
  • Maximum bench-to-cradle base height: 9-1/2"
  • Horizontal movement: 13/16"
  • Fine elevation travel: 11-3/16"
  • Feet elevation travel: 3/4"
  • Base is precision-ground
  • Fore-End stop height: 1-7/8"
  • Fore-End stop travel: 2-1/4"
  • 1/2"–13 TPI Foot Knobs
  • Footprint (pin to pin): 7-5/16" x W x 15-19/32" L
  • Weight: 21 lbs.

Set of 3 F-Class Feet for Slingshot Rest

Available in satin black, these optional feet install on the BE1006 Bald Eagle shooting rest for better support when positioning the rest in soft, uneven areas or soggy soil. Thread size: 1/2"-13 TPI.

Set of 3 Long Screws for Slingshot Rest

Used with the F-Class Feet to increase maximum height of the shooting rest by 4". Features rubber knobs and comes in multiple thread sizes. These 4" long F-Class screws allow increased height when used with the 3" F-Class feet. They come in exceedingly handy when the ground is uneven. Thread: 1/2" x 13 TPI.

3" Front Bag for Slingshot Rest

These top-quality front bags are constructed with genuine leather and ultra-tough micro-fiber fabric to ensure rugged durability and long-lasting performance. All bags measure 4-5/8" wide and 1-3/4" tall. The black micro-fiber fabric is super slick and reduces "sticking" of the gun fore-end. Sticky or rough front bags are a common cause of verticals in shooting. These front bags are made specially to fit the Bald Eagle Rests but may fit on other brands of rests. Available in the three most common sizes - 3" for F-Class and Benchrest shooting, 2-1/4" for many Benchrest Sporting and Benchrest stocks, and the 3" radius Sporter bag which is universal for most sporting rifles. There are two fill spouts for these bags. Sand not included inside bags.